Thick Haired Girl

Sunday, August 27, 2006


It seems like you can't turn on the tv or read a magazine without seeing an ad for Sunsilk products. So I was minding my business and shopping in Sams when I saw a three pack from Sunsilk and purchased it. It is the Hydra formula (pink bottles). It contains a shampoo, condition and leave in cream. I have yet to try it but plan to this week. Anyone else tried anything from this line and have an opinion? Leave it in the comments!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Silky soft

Looking for a product that will make your hair silky, smooth and soft? Aren't we all??? Well try Biosilk's Silk Therapy. This products goes in my rarity pile. Rarity being a product that I actually repurchase. I was skeptical at first. But after I tried it, I was sold. "Concentrated silk, fortified with botanicals and Vitamin E impart a smooth and silky feel while providing a brilliant high gloss shine. Will not build up or weigh hair down. Sunscreens safeguard hair from possible UV damage." I couldn't believe how soft it made my hair! My hair looked smoother too. I found that for myself, this works great as a heat protectant before using a hairdryerwhen hair is wet or flat iron when hair is dry. I also found, through trial and error, that a small amount can do the trick. If you want to add more, you certainly can, I just recommend you avoid the roots and focus more on the middle to end of the hair. Although I haven't tried it, I also hear this product is great on dry skin! This sat on my hair product shelf for the last 6 mos-1 year and I am glad that I recently picked it up again!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

High end vs Drugstore

The big beauty product companies will have you believe that the more you pay for an item, the better it is. Not so. I have tried so many products and that just is not the case in all situations. Having tried Aussie hair products in the past, I was in my grocery store and saw some newer products by the company. A line of about 5 products called Dual personality. I decided to purchase Aussie's Dual Personality Mousse and Leave in Conditioner. I am not a big mousse person but at less than $4 who am I to complain! So I used about a handful for my thick just past my shoulders length hair. Instantly my hair felt and looked smoother. And it stayed that way as my hair began to airdry. This was wonderful! I usually never let my hair fully airdry because ultimately it gets frizzy. But I didn't have to worry with this product. It also did have a flexible hold. It was not crunchy. It just held my waves in place. I was able to run my hands through my hair with no problem. I am now on my second bottle of this product. That is a rarity. So for approximately $4 you can't go wrong! Try it and let me know what you think!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Too Much Volume

Some people are envious. But they are not properly informed. They don’t have to live with it. They see it on tv and think “If only.” But in real life, it’s nothing like what is shown on tv. I think “If only I could get rid of it.” What am I talking about? My thick hair! On tv it is made to look beautiful, full and sleek. But you other thick haired girls know what I am talking about. It’s full all right. Too full. Too much volume. Too heavy. I am also blessed with a slight case of the frizz too. And within the last year my thick straight hair has been going through some sort of identity crisis. It’s turned wavy. So this blog is to review hair products that will help other thick haired girls find products to defrizz, de pouf and tame the wild beasts that reside on their heads. If there are any products that you are curious about, let me know in the comments. I am constantly buying new hair products and just might have tried it already. If not, it’s probably on my list to try. Thick haired girls unite!!